Material Handling

Ballard designs and manufactures high-performance fuel cell stacks and modules for use in material handling applications. Ballard is supplying fuel cell stacks to Plug Power Inc. for GenDrive® hydrogen fuel cell systems in North America and Europe. Plug Power holds the largest share of the North American Class 1, 2 and 3 clean energy lift truck market, having deployed more than 13,000 units.

The use of fuel cell technology for material handling applications allows large distribution center operators to:  

Increased Productivity

3x longer run time than its battery driven counterpart, eliminates lost productivity associated with multiple recharging cycles

Fast Fueling

3 minute refueling for fuel cell lift truck vs. 15 -30 minutes associated with battery replacement

Consistent Power

Provides constant voltage and maintains constant power output throughout the shift

Optimized Warehouse Floor Space

Eliminates the need for dedicated battery charging and storage facilities

Ballard offers both air-cooled and liquid-cooled PEM stacks for material handling applications.