Protonex Technology Corporation

ProtonexProtonex, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ballard, is a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced power management products and portable fuel cell solutions. Protonex develops, tests, and manufactures portable power management products in Southborough, Massachusetts. Protonex has commercialized and deployed several products designed for end‐users in military and commercial markets that are currently underserved by batteries and small generators. Products are also being developed for OEM customers looking to integrate high-performance fuel cell power into their products and applications. For more information about Protonex power managers, chargers and fuel cells visit

Protonex Technology Corporation
153 Northboro Road
Southborough, MA 01772-1034
Phone: 508-490-9960
Fax: 508-490-8575 

Ballard Fuel Cell Systems Inc.

Ballard Fuel Cell Systems Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Ballard, undertakes product development from facilities in Bend, Oregon and provides after sales support for our customers in the United States.

Ballard Fuel Cell Systems
20756 High Desert Court, Suite 6
Bend, OR 97701
Phone: 541-639-8640 

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