Light Rail

From rail switches, to auxiliary power, to primary propulsion, Ballard has the right fuel cell solution for the light rail industry. Ballard designs and manufactures plug and play FCveloCity® fuel cell modules delivering up to 200 kW of power for use in light rail applications. Ballard has powered locomotives in Japan, the United States, and is now powering the first hydrogen fuel cell powered fixed rail electric tram in China.

Fuel cell systems in a light rail applications offer several advantages over the incumbent technology:

Environmentally Friendly

Significant greenhouse gas and air quality emissions reductions

Fuel Efficiency

2x fuel economy improvements compared to internal combustion engine technology

Versatile Solution

Catenary-free operation, no overhead lines, operation in noise sensitive and historical urban centers

Low Operating Costs

Maintenance and fuel cost reductions (improved vehicle efficiency)

Ballard offers a modular and comprehensive range of solutions for light rail systems with the FCveloCity® fuel cell module.