Aberdeen Bus Ballard designs and manufactures high performance FCveloCity® fuel cell modules delivering from 30 kW to 100 kW of power for use in hybrid electric buses. Ballard’s leading-edge fuel cell technology combined with our customer’s advanced hybrid system designs deliver zero emissions at the tailpipe with no compromise in vehicle performance compared to other zero emission technologies.
  • Fuel cell electric buses deliver the required mix of emission reduction, speed of refueling, range and route flexibility.
  • Fuel cell electric buses are the only zero-emission direct replacement for diesel buses.

High daily ranges

300 km on average without refueling with possible extension

Full route flexibility

Not bound to any required infrastructure on the route


Comparable to diesel buses in terms of acceleration & gradeability

Fast refueling

Fueling in 7 minutes possible and can be refueled several times per day

High passenger comfort

Reduced noise levels and smooth driving experience

Technology maturity

More than ten years and 8 million kilometers of operational experience

Ballard offers a modular and comprehensive range of solutions with the FCveloCity® fuel cell motive modules.