Motive Modules

Ballard’s Motive Modules include our core PEM fuel cell stacks, with key balance of plant sub-systems that make for easy and drop-in integration into the end product. From 30 kW to 200 kW net power, the modular FCveloCity® platform provides a flexible solution for your motive applications including forklifts, buses and light rail.

Ballard solutions for fuel cell motive applications:

Key benefits of the FCveloCity® solution:

Zero Emission
Hydrogen PEM fuel cell solution to meet emission reduction mandates

High Performance
The high pressure system offers better performance, fuel efficiency and durability by preventing degradation of the fuel cell power module. The integrated humidification system is maintenance free and provides maximum system performance and durability through a wide range of environmental conditions.

Flexible Integration
The simplified and scalable design means the module can be integrated into multiple transportation applications from medium-duty trucks to light rail, and the modular design of the air and cooling systems allows for flexible and simpler integration into the vehicle drivetrain.

Built-in Safety Features
Integrated safety system with ventilation fans, hydrogen sensors, and smoke detectors is built into the module to ensure highest safety and ease of installation.

Technology Leadership
The FCveloCity® platform is the preferred option for OEM’s and system integrators as it demonstrated unmatched fuel efficiency and durability over millions of kilometers and millions of hours of commercial operations in forklift and bus fleets.