Power Products

Ballard power products are designed to meet the power needs of customers through delivery of high value, clean energy fuel cell products that offer superior performance at a reduced operating cost.

Ballard's line of power products includes stationary systems, motive modules and fuel cell stacks. 

Stationary Systems: Fully contained products designed for utilization by the end user 
Motive Modules:  Fuel cell stack and critical balance of plant including air, cooling, humidification and control systems for ease of integration
Stacks:  Ballard's core Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology including membrane electrode assembly (MEA), bi-polar plates and manifold 

Light Rail Stationary Systems Fuel Cell Stack Motive Modules ElectraGen™-ME Air Cooled FCgen®-1020ACS FCvelocity®-9SSL FCvelocity®-9SSL FCgen®-1020ACS FCvelocity®-HD ElectraGen™-H2 Supplemental and Prime Power Air Cooled Liquid Cooled Material Handling


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