Investor FAQ

1. What is Ballard's trading symbol?
Ballard is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange or TSX under the symbol BLD and on NASDAQ under the symbol BLDP.

2. Should I buy or sell Ballard shares?
We are happy to answer any questions regarding the Company’s strategy so that you can make an informed decision. Ballard recommends that you speak with a financial advisor.

3. How can I purchase or sell Ballard shares? Can I purchase shares directly from Ballard?
Ballard shares are widely traded on the TSX under the symbol BLD and NASDAQ under the symbol BLDP. Any broker would be able to execute share purchases or sales. If you do not have a broker, any financial institution should be able to assist.

Ballard does not have a direct purchase plan.

4. I've lost my share certificate, or need to change the personal information on my share certificate. What should I do?
Ballard’s transfer agent maintains all records for the Company’s registered shareholders. Computershare Trust Company of Canada can be reached at or by telephone at 1.800.564.6253 or 604.661.9400.

5. Who is your Transfer Agent?
Computershare Trust Company of Canada
510 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC
V6C 3B9
Phone: 1.800.564.6253
Phone: 604.661.9400
Fax: 1.866.249.7775
Fax: 604.661.9480

6. Does Ballard pay dividends?
No, Ballard does not pay dividends. Ballard’s resources are focused on putting fuel cells to work in clean energy solutions.

7. When was Ballard’s IPO?
Ballard was taken public on the TSX in June 1993, and was listed on NASDAQ in November 1995.