Component Manufacturing

Ballard has manufactured and delivered thousands of fuel cell products to the marketplace.

Our 110,000 square foot manufacturing facility is widely considered to be the world’s largest manufacturing facility in the proton exchange membrane fuel cell industry.

Whether you require Ballard to deliver low quantities of a fuel cell component prototype or mass produce fuel cell stacks, Ballard has the scale to reduce costs and speed your time to market. We will leverage existing Ballard designs or manufacture to custom specifications using state-of-the-art prototyping and high volume equipment. Ballard’s manufacturing solutions includes:
  • Combine membrane, catalyst, ionomer and films from various suppliers to produce in-house catalyst coated films and catalyst coated membranes (roll to roll)
  • Bipolar plate assembly
  • MEA framing and liquid injection mold sealing
  • Fuel cell stacks and system assembly and factory acceptance testing
  • MEA, stack, and system assembly process design, transfer and training
  • Process scale-up support



Actual components made per month 

Components made to date

CCM  7,600 m2  390,000 m2
MEA  38,000 parts 2,200,000 parts
Stack  400 stacks 20,000 stacks

Special note: Ballard’s quality management system integrates environment, health, safety and quality. We are ISO/TS16949 registered, and comply with ISO14001 (environment), and OHSAS 18001 (health and safety) standards.