Supplemental & Prime Power

In many parts of the world the supply of electricity through the grid could be irregular or non-existing. Poor infrastructure and power shortages could severely limit power and therefore service availability. To ensure telecommunications network uptime and customer satisfaction, resilient power solution are needed to complement the defective grid and power supply.

Fuel cell technology provides an alternative power solution with a compelling value proposition: 

  • Ensure site power availability during frequent and/or long power outages
  • Complement renewable energies such as solar or wind
  • Provides primary power on a temporary basis

Ballard’s robust FCgen®-H2PM fuel cell system has been designed to integrate easily with existing power equipment and can be installed outdoors or indoors at a low cost in demanding environments with extreme temperatures. Using the FCgen®-H2PM power solution, operators will:

Improve Site Availability
Lower Operating Cost

Ballard's FCgen®-H2PM fuel cell solutions offer a number of important advantages relative to conventional batteries and diesel generators:

Environmentally Friendly

Low and zero-emission, no toxic waste/fuel

Reliable Operation

No moving parts, low maintenance, remote monitoring

Long Run Time

External tank option for extended run time of several weeks

High Efficiency

Load following and efficient turn down ratio

No Theft

No “retail” value for fuel and fuel cell components


Designed for operation in difficult environments

FCgen®-H2PM using hydrogen and high fuel efficiency, provides an attractive solution for supplemental and temporary prime power applications.