Backup Power

In our increasingly connected world, power outages are severely disruptive, heightening the need for reliable and cost-effective backup power solutions to ensure maximum network “uptime” to protect operators’ revenues and ensure customer satisfaction.

Fuel cell technology provides an alternative power solution with a compelling value proposition to ensure site power availability during unexpected power outages to harden critical telecommunication networks.

Ballard’s FCgen®-H2PM fuel cell system has been designed to integrate easily with existing power equipment and can be installed at a low cost in many environments including dense urban areas and rooftop sites. Using the FCgen®-H2PM backup power solution, operators will achieve:

Network Hardening
Lower Operating Cost

Versatile Solution

Scalable power & flexible run time from a few seconds to several months

Reliable Operation

No moving parts, low maintenance and remote monitoring

Low Operating Cost

High fuel efficiency, minimal maintenance visits and elimination of theft risks

Mature Technology

Thousands of fuel cell systems have provided over 1 million hours of critical backup power

Environmentally Friendly

Low and zero-emission, with no toxic waste/fuel

Easy Siting

Small footprint, low weight and quiet operation

Ballard offers a comprehensive portfolio of hydrogen-fuelled FCgen®-H2PM systems to support a range of stationary applications. Learn more about the FCgen®-H2PM product that’s right for you.