FCveloCity® Modules


Ballard’s FCveloCity® module is the company’s 7th generation fuel cell module designed for transit bus and light rail applications. Designed for scalability the FCveloCity® module is available in various configurations between 30-200kW. Focused on the heavy duty transportation market, the primary 85 kW net FCveloCity® was released in June 2015 and is currently powering buses in multiple customer trials around the world. 

Click here to download product FCveloCity®-HD specifications.

Click here to download product FCveloCity®-MD specifications.

Key Features

  • Scalable design between 30 -200 kW for multiple vehicle types
  • Standard 5 year, 250,000 mile warranty (for transit applications)
  • Integrated humidification system to maximize system performance and durability
  • IP55 rated enclosure and freeze protection system guard against premature deterioration of key module components in extreme climates
  • Remote diagnostics through direct or wireless connection allows customer to remotely monitor performance data and anticipate preventative maintenance
  • Integrated safety system with ventilation fans, H2 sensors, and smoke detectors built into the module to ensure highest safety and ease of installation


  • Proven Reliability & Durability - demonstrated through exceptional bus availability and fuel cell module lifetime, with >20,000 hours of operation of a fuel cell bus module in the field without failure
  • Flexible Integration - modular design of air and coolant sub-systems enable simpler integration of components into the vehicle design and easy access for service
  • Fuel Efficiency - high temperature operation permits a smaller cooling package for integration flexibility and usable heat for the cabin, significantly improving overall vehicle fuel economy
  • Low Noise Emissions - less than 75 dBA allows for operation in sensitive urban areas

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