Air-Cooled Fuel Cell Stacks

Featuring dynamic response, robust and reliable operation and an architecture that enables simplified system design, Ballard’s air-cooled fuel cell stacks are flexible products suitable for a wide variety of low power applications and hybrid system designs. Air-cooled fuel cell stacks are best suited to applications requiring less than 5kW of power output.

The FCgen®-1020ACS fuel cell stack is a low cost design, delivering robust and reliable operation and incorporating advanced open cathode technology and self-humidifying MEA to simplify system integration. Now in its fourth generation of product design, the FCgen®-1020ACS fuel cell stack features a number of enhancements designed to increase both durability and lifetime.

• Scalable power output from 400W to 3.3kW
• Open-cathode stack eliminates humidifier, coolant pump
  & radiator
• Produces clean DC power
• 4,000 to 10,000 hour lifetime, depending on application
• Robust and reliable performance 

The FCgen®-1020ACS fuel cell stack is widely deployed through integration into Ballard’s FCgen®-H2PM direct hydrogen backup power systems, as well as Plug Power’s line of GenDrive® fuel cell systems for electric lift trucks.

Ballard’s FCgen™- micro is a low power fuel cell stack prototype, designed for integration into portable applications. This highly versatile, hydrogen fuelled power product is a derivative of Ballard’s air cooled fuel cell stack technology.

• Rated power of 40W
• Compact stack design
• Open-cathode stack eliminates humidifier, coolant pump
  & radiator
• Produces clean DC power
• 1,600 hour lifetime            

Prototype units are ready for limited customer evaluation in applications where product size, durability and power density are key considerations. The FCgen®-micro fuel cell stack has been integrated into a specialized wearable fuel cell power system prototype to be used by soldiers to power a variety of devices and carry more mission-specific equipment, without limiting mobility.

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