Power Managers

Protonex-BallardProtonex Power Manager products enable users to run GPS systems, laptops, night-vision goggles and virtually any other portable equipment from any military or civilian energy source, including solar, vehicle, AC or scavenged energy sources.

Approximately 5,000 Power Managers have been deployed by the United States and allied militaries, with each unit significantly reducing the battery weight required in the field, while enhancing mission flexibility and capability.

Unmanned Systems

mkt-overview5Fuel cell-powered systems offer compelling value for a range of unmanned vehicles. Users see improved reliability over small internal combustion engines, providing safe and low maintenance operation. Moreover, unmanned systems powered by fuel cells operate longer than their battery counterparts, with the same benefits of low thermal and noise signature.

First demonstrated in military UAVs, Protonex fuel cell systems now been proven from a reliability, durability, and range perspective, opening doors to commercial and civilian applications. Click here to learn more.



White Paper – Advanced Propulsion for UAVs: The Role of Fuel Cell-Based Energy Systems for Commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Fuel cell-powered systems offer compelling value for unmanned aerial vehicles due to improved reliability over small internal combustion engines, enhancing safe and low maintenance operation. Read more...

White Paper – New Fuel Cell Technologies Extend Missions for Vertical Take-Off and Landing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Fuel cell power systems can provide at least two times the flight duration of the best available batteries on many VTOL drone platforms. Read more…

Unmanned Systems Technology - Critical intelligence for land, sea and aerospace engineers Boeing subsidiary Insitu specialises in UAV design, development and manufacture, and supplies its fixed-wing ScanEagle to the US military and commercial users. Read more...

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