Ballard Customer Support

Ballard’s team of technicians and engineers is dedicated to provide fast response and highly professional support to our customers to ensure maximum product uptime through:
  • 24 hrs/7days hot line: see details below
  • Spare part logistic service
  • Service ticket system
  • Regional service centers: technical support, diagnostic, onsite support, training, parts support
  • Headquarter support center, engineering support, comprehensive diagnostic and analysis, manuals, training center

For Technical Support with Ballard Products: call +(1) 877-376-0394
or send an email to :

 For your convenience, regional numbers are also available:

Belgium* 0800-268-61 North America* 1-877-376-0394
Denmark 45-8843-5500 Norway*   800-24-671 
Germany* 0800-181-1492 United Kingdom* 0-800-014-8403
        * toll free
ElectraGen™-ME: CHEM service contact:
Tel:+1 (541) 383-3390
Nexa products: Heliocentris at North America: 604-684-3546 Europe: +49 (0)30 340601 700
Ecostar Power Convertor (EPC): Office: 313-406-3292 Cell: 313-434-1903 
Rhombus Energy Solutions Inc. at

Versatile Solution

Scalable power & flexible run time from a few seconds to several months

Reliable Operation

No moving parts, low maintenance and remote monitoring

Low Operating Cost

High fuel efficiency, minimal maintenance visits and elimination of theft risks

Mature Technology

Thousands of ElectraGen™ systems have provided over 1 million hours of critical backup power

Environmentally Friendly

Low and zero-emission, with no toxic waste/fuel

Easy Siting

Small footprint, low weight and quiet operation