Ballard Participating at Clean Buses In APAC

Cities in Asia Pacific (APAC) have made significant headway in the deployment of clean buses (CNG, electric, hydrogen-fuelled and hybrid buses) as they struggle with congestion, traffic accidents and high pollution. In the last few years, several cities have launched pilot projects for clean buses, introduced new fleets, awarded key contracts for the purchase of clean buses, announced major plans and introduced policy changes to facilitate the deployment of clean buses. To better understand the current status, opportunities and issues in the deployment of clean buses in the region, Global Mass Transit is hosting its first conference on Clean Buses in APAC: Spotlight on Zero-emission Buses

During the conference, Nicolas Pocard, Director, Marketing, will outline Ballard’s technology leadership within the fuel cell industry and how we are applying our experience to accelerate fuel cell technology adoption, committed to sustainable mobility and clean air for everyone. Click here to read more...

Oct 22, 2018
- Oct 23, 2018
How to find us: Four Seasons Hotel in Singapore

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