White Papers

Advanced Propulsion for UAVs
This paper discusses the applicability of fuel cell-based propulsion in the next phase of unmanned aerial vehicle commercialization. 

Biomass-to-Fuel-Cell Power… For Renewable Distributed Power Generation
In this White Paper, learn how hydrogen derived from biomass has the potential to be both an economical and renewable source of fuel for distributed power generation applications.

Fuel Cell Solutions to Meet the U.S. DoD’s Energy Strategy
The report “Beyond Demonstration: The Role of Fuel Cells in DoD’s Energy Strategy” identified a broad range of applications of interest to the U.S. Department of Defense. This White Paper highlights Ballard’s commercial solutions as well as demonstration capability to meet many of the DoD’s technology requirements.

A Discussion of PEM Fuel Cell Systems and Distributed Generation
This White Paper describes the unique ability of proton exchange membrane fuel cell systems to meet the power demands of distributed generation.

The Energy Systems of 2030: Towards an Electron Democracy
This White Paper outlines the energy system we foresee in 2030, when the prominent role of intermittent renewables will drive demand for complementary, on-site and on-demand energy technologies, of which fuel cells are a leading example.

U.S. Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Fiscal Incentives: Tax Credits and the Grant-in-Lieu of Tax Credit Program
In the United States, acceleration of fuel cell product adoption in the marketplace is being supported by important fiscal incentives, including investment tax credits (ITC’s) and a special grant-in-lieu of tax credit program. These hydrogen and fuel cell fiscal incentives are the topic of this White Paper.

Fuel Cells for Remote Communities
This White Paper examines how energy storage in the form of hydrogen (using renewable sources and electrolyser technology) combined with power production using a fuel cell system can enable remote communities to meet all – or a significant proportion – of their power needs.

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