White Papers

Advanced Propulsion for UAVs
This paper discusses the applicability of fuel cell-based propulsion in the next phase of unmanned aerial vehicle commercialization. 

Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure for Fuel Cell Bus Fleets in Europe

European cities are phasing out diesel vehicles to improve air quality. This white paper walks fleet managers through key considerations to implementing hydrogen fueling stations.

Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure for Fuel Cell Bus Fleets in North America
In this white paper, we detail hydrogen fueling solutions for North American transit operators, including suppliers and funding opportunities, as well as making the transition from CNG buses to hydrogen fuel cell buses.

Fuel Cell Electric Buses:  An Attractive Value Proposition for Zero-Emission Buses in the United Kingdom
In this document, we explore the current major barriers to a wider adoption of fuel cell electric buses for transit authorities in the UK, the full scope of their benefits, bus capital and maintenance costs, along with hydrogen supply and fuelling infrastructure options for fuel cell bus fleets.

Fuel Cell System Development for Freight Transport Applications
This paper details the benefits of fuel cell-powered freight vehicles such as medium duty delivery trucks, drayage trucks, airport cargo trucks, port cranes and auxiliary power units for TRUs.

Fuel Cell Solutions to Meet the U.S. DoD’s Energy Strategy
The report “Beyond Demonstration: The Role of Fuel Cells in DoD’s Energy Strategy” identified a broad range of applications of interest to the U.S. Department of Defense. This White Paper highlights Ballard’s commercial solutions as well as demonstration capability to meet many of the DoD’s technology requirements.

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