Suppliers form an integral part of the Ballard value proposition, delivering leading edge materials that meet stringent quality standards in a timely and cost effective manner.  As an extension to our own manufacturing capabilities, supplier partners provide key insights to best technologies, materials, and design for manufacturability that assists us in accelerating market adoption of our clean energy solutions.

We promote early supplier engagement through the work of our Supplier Development Engineers to ensure a capability and technology fit, along with clearly defining material and quality expectations.  Our Purchasing Team manages the commercial aspects of the relationship, engaging with respect to contractual and logistical expectations.  Ongoing feedback and recognition is provided through our Supplier Performance Management System.

Consistent with our core values, we will treat all of our suppliers and their representatives fairly, impartially and objectively.

If you would like more information about becoming a Ballard supplier, please email to:

The following links provide key information that governs all supplier relationships:
Ballard Supplier Manual
Ballard Supplier Conduct Principles
Declaration of Compliance With Ballard Supplier Conduct Principles
Ballard Conflict Minerals Policy
Ballard Terms and Conditions
Supplier Product Process Notification Request Form
Supplier Product Process Change Requirements