Our Competitive Advantage


At the heart of each Ballard PEM (proton exchange membrane) fuel cell product lies a stack of unit cells based on our proprietary technology, for unsurpassed performance, durability and versatility.            

Ballard draws on intellectual property together with unmatched "know-how" in key areas:

  • Fuel cell stack development
  • Fuel processing 
  • Systems integration

Our fuel cell products deliver the required functionality at the right scale with optimum performance and low lifecycle costs.


We offer unmatched competitive advantages to our customers: 

  • Over the past 35 years we have invested more than $1B in engineering for the development of PEM fuel cell technology and power products
  • We have produced more than 320MW of fuel cell stacks and 3.0 million membrane electrode assemblies
  • We have installed 3,000 stationary fuel cell systems at telecom sites worldwide
  • We have produced over 340 FCveloCity® power modules which have been installed in 100 buses    
  • We have the most extensive PEM technology IP portfolio with more than 1,000 cases
  • We are a team of 500 people passionate about fuel cell technology and dedicated to customer satisfaction

We are Ballard.